With over 20 years of experience in the oilfield, Prowler Energy Services can offer a wide variety of oilfield services and has a well-balanced suite of equipment.

About our services

Prowler Energy Services offers Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen Pumper and Bulker services to Oil & Gas companies for all of their Production, Completion, and Optimization needs. Here is a more complete list of the services we offer.

  • Abandonments
  • Clean Outs
  • Completions
  • Confirmation Runs
  • Fishing & Rod Recovery
  • Fracing
  • Kickarounds
  • Logging
  • Perforating
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Plug and Port Milling
  • Plug Retrieval & Setting
  • Pressure Testing
  • Product Transport
  • Purging
  • SAGD Operations
  • Side Entry Recovery & Stimulation
  • Sleeve Shifting
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Wellbore Cleanouts
  • Workovers

About our equipment

Prowler Energy Services currently has 7 units designed to provide Coil Tubing, and a Nitrogen Pumper & Bulker to service shallow gas wells, as well as deeper horizontal coiled tubing completion and production work.

Shallow Coil Tubing Units 40k

These Rig units are used to provide Well Servicing for Shallow wells.

Applications include:

Completions, Workovers, Fishing & Rod Recovery, Abandonments, Logging, Perforating, Sleeve Shifting, Side Entry Recovery & Stimulation, Wellbore Cleanouts, and Plug and Port Milling.


Quantity: 3

Type: DA Manufacturing

Make & Model: Single / Tandem Tridem Body Job

Capacity: 31.88mm (1.25”) 5000m / 38.1mm (1.5”) 3800m / 44.5mm (1.75”) 3400m / 50.8mm / Side Shift Spooling

Control: Auxiliary hydraulic controls for side spooler, tubing shear, ect. operations

Software: Electronic “line style” counter systems with max/min speed and chain counter backups

Injector: Celtic Pride 40k / 2 Speed Injector Heads with Hydraulic 60 Degrees Tilt Function / 55ft Max Injector Reach From Unit

BOP System: Class II BOP 5” Stack / 100 Ltr Accumulator / 35,000 kPa Double Gate BOP

Stripping Head: Tandem 3/5k Coil Stripper Functions

Mobilization Time: 45 min on Average 

Wooden Spool Unit with Spooling Trailer 40k

Wood Spooling Unit

This unit has been designed to work for SAGD operations in Christina Lake and Foster Creek. However, it can also be used for the same applications the Shallow units are capable of.


Quantity: 1


  • 40,000lb, 2 speed injector heads with hydraulic 45 deg. tilt function with level wind
  • Wooden(manufacturers) spool handler capable of 160” spool operation
  • ¾”-2” coil sizes operational with level wind spooling
  • Deck mounted, 660cfm compressors
  • On board 1m3 water tanks with 30-60L/min injection pumps
  • On board soap and methanol tanks tied to injection pumps
  • Deck mounted 7 ton knuckle pickers
  • Auxiliary hydraulic controls for side spooler, tubing shear, ect. operations
  • Hydraulic relief valve equipped, 35mPa certified pump manifolds w/ circ. hoses
  • 12m3 trailer style blow back tanks with degassers
  • 3k or 5k coil stripper compatible
  • 5k quad/combination BOPs with various wellhead connections
  • Electronic “line style” counter systems with max/min speed and chain counter backups
  • max injector reach from unit

Mobilization Time: 45 min on Average 

Intermediate Coiled Tubing Units 80k

Our intermediate units target and focus on wells with larger depths that require Horizontal Completions and Production.

As with our Shallow units, these rigs guarantee to deliver the same fast and efficient travel and rig up times.


Quantity: 2

Type: Truck Mounted Coil Unit / Mobile Body Job / Tandem – Tridem

Make & Model: Celtic Pride 2012

Capacity: 38.1mm (1.50”) 5500m , 44.5(1.75”) 4800m, 50.8mm, (2.0”) 4000m

Software: Medco Real Time Fatigue Data Tracking and Tubing Force Analysis System

Injector: Celtic Pride 80,000lbs Push/Pull  / 2 Speed Injector with Hydraulic “Goose Necks”

BOP System: Class II BOP 5” Stack  / 100 Ltr Accumulator  / 35,000 kPa Double Gate BOP

Stripping Head: 5000psi Coil Strippers

Side Iron: 1502 5000lbs iron  / Dual Valve Manifold  / Remote Operated

Mobilization Time: 1.5 hours on Average

Deep Coil Unit 130k

coil tubing unit in field

This is the latest addition to our fleet. Bigger unit, Bigger coil, Bigger jobs.

This unit was recently built and designed to meet developing industry needs and is capable of reaching even further depths and completing more detailed and complicated wells than our intermediate units. The unit targets Horizontal Completions, Fraccing, and Production.


Quantity: 1

Type: Celtic Pride/Kinetic Custom 24-Wheeler

Permittable Weight: 110,600kg (w/jeep, booster. Winter weights, AB regs.)

Make & Model: Celtic Pride 2019

Capacity:  60.3mm (2 3/8″) 6500m

Software: Medco Real Time Data and Fatigue Tracking,  Remotely Accessible / Tubing Force Analysis System,

Injector: Celtic Pride 130,000lbs Pull  / 50,000lbs Snub / Ground Level High Definition Stripper/Chain Camera / Rear Mount Control Panel / Triple Depth Counters / 1 Spare

BOP System: Lee Specialties 5 1/8″ / Class III Configured / 179L Accumulator  / 70,000 kPa Quad / Wireless Remote

Stripping Head: 10k or 15k Dual Stripper Heads

Treatment Iron: 3″ fig. 1502 Piping(15k)  / Remote Operation Reel Valve  / Long Linear Design

Mobilization Time: 2 Hours on Average

Picker Truck

These Trucks are used in conjunction with our Intermediate and Deep Coil units.

Applications include:

Completions, Workovers, Fishing & Rod Recovery, Abandonments,  Logging, Perforating, Sleeve Shifting, Fracing, Confirmation Runs, Side Entry Recovery & Stimulation, Wellbore Cleanouts, and Plug and Port Milling


Quantity: 2

Make & Model: Kenworth T800, 2012

  • 35 Tonne Knuckle Picker
  • Wellhead Stand
  • Capable of running 50 foot of Lub

Nitrogen Pumper & Bulker

Our Nitrogen Pumper and Bulker allow us to offer our customers pumping services and product transfer for all their well servicing and pipeline facility needs. The N2 is often used in combination with our Coil Tubing but can also be used in other operations.

Applications include:

Clean Outs, Kickarounds, Purging, Pressure Testing, Pipeline Cleaning, Plug Retrieval & Setting, Underbalanced Drilling, and Product Transport.


Nitrogen Truck:

Make & Model: Kenworth 2009 Manufactured by Enerflow Industries

Capacity: 7500m3 liquid N2 in Tank

Pumping Rate: 85m3 N2 per Minute

System & Software’s: Flameless Recovery System / Siemens touch screen setup


Make & Model: Kenworth 2009 Cab & Chassis

Capacity: 21,000m3 Liquid N2

Some more photos of our equipment